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Saturday Silliness: February 20, 2010

Creative Loafing reports that the Atlanta Progressive News has fired senior staff writer Jonathan Springston for insisting that there is an objective reality that can be reported on objectively.  The APN wrote an email regarding the firing:

At a very fundamental, core level, Springston did not share our vision for a news publication with a progressive perspective. He held on to the notion that there was an objective reality that could be reported objectively, despite the fact that that was not our editorial policy at Atlanta Progressive News. It just wasn’t the right fit.

As Frank J. suggests, does this make them the “reality denial based community”?

Generally, on Saturdays I would like to put up pure silly stuff, just for fun, but so often these days the news reads just like parody.


Speaking of which, the blog IMAO is a pretty silly conservative site, in a good way.  Frank J. Fleming, the proprietor over there, also does satire at Pajamas Media.


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