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Where are the People of Color?

An interesting, and somewhat humorous, back-and-forth occurred when MSNBC news-and-commentary anchor Keith Olbermann asked the Tea Parties where the blacks, hispanics, etc., were at the tea parties.

The Dallas Tea Party responded with the following video, claiming they had more diversity than the MSNBC lineup and inviting Olbermann to attend their February 27 event at Dallas City Hall to see for himself.

Mediaite offers us the video of Olbermann’s reply.


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Battles Over Joseph Stack’s Ideology

Ravi Somaiya, presenting no evidence whatsoever, claims Stack is becoming a right-wing hero.  His commenters pile the hate up.

Might this be in response to Reason’s Tim Cavenaugh, presenting just a bit more evidence, claiming that Stack is becoming a left-wing hero?

And just because it’s topical, Jihad Watch discusses whether Stack should be considered a terrorist or not.

H/t Instapundit for the Cavenaugh link.

Previous Stack coverage, and more here.

Update, Feb. 25: The First Tea Party Terrorist?

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ND Tea Partiers and Republicans ‘Take Back Washington’

The blogger at Say Anything helped organize the Take Back Washington event, which was a local effort just over a week ago to bring the Tea Party message to the Republican Party.  Say Anything posts videos and transcripts of various Republican leaders talking about the idea.

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Charles Jaco Confronted About Tea Party Coverage

St. Louis Reporter Charles Jaco was confronted about his use of “teabagger” slur.  Video at Sharp Elbows.

Warning: Some explicit language.

Hat tip the blogprof.

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