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Where are the People of Color?

An interesting, and somewhat humorous, back-and-forth occurred when MSNBC news-and-commentary anchor Keith Olbermann asked the Tea Parties where the blacks, hispanics, etc., were at the tea parties.

The Dallas Tea Party responded with the following video, claiming they had more diversity than the MSNBC lineup and inviting Olbermann to attend their February 27 event at Dallas City Hall to see for himself.

Mediaite offers us the video of Olbermann’s reply.


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White House Invites Tea Party Challenge on Transparency

Kim Hart at The Hill reports:

In an ironic twist, the White House is inviting the Tea Party movement to challenge it on government transparency.

White House Chief Technology Officer Andrew McLaughlin said Republicans and conservative Tea Party activists should strive to push the administration to make its policies more open.

He also suggested Tea Party activists, who have called for broad changes to the government, could push the GOP to be more aggressive on the issue.

“I would be thrilled to make this a type of political competition … to see who can be more radical in their openness, in their data distribution models … trying to prove to the citizens they can run a better government,” said McLaughlin, a former executive at Google.

The article references the Obama administration’s as an example of its transparency.

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CATO Covers Tea Parties

Two recent articles from CATO, the conservative think tank.

Tea Partiers Shouldn’t Date the GOP.  Quick quote:

The quality that gives the Tea Party movement its legitimacy is that it is so fundamentally illegitimate: outside the establishment, bereft of representation on K Street, and without an identifiable face to speak for it on Meet the Press. This is a movement that sprang deep from within the viscera of America, not from some political poll or focus group.

It is not Republican; it is not even conservative. It has no interest in debating the merits of No Child Left Behind, abstinence-only sex education or George W. Bush’s rationale for going to Iraq. Replacing a “spend and borrow” Democrat with a “spend and borrow” Republican is not the goal of the Tea Party movement.

This movement is simply saying: “We are fine without you, Washington. Now for the love of God, go attend a reception somewhere, and stop making health care and entrepreneurship more expensive than they already are.”

Tea Partiers Should Get Serious. Quick quote:

Rail against earmarks, foreign aid and “welfare queens” to your heart’s content. But all that comes to a rounding error in a $3.7 trillion federal budget, over 75 percent of which consists of defense and entitlements.

To his credit, Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., ranking member on the House Budget Committee, has proposed a “Roadmap for America’s Future” that makes serious cuts: $650 billion over the next decade — for starters. After raising the retirement age, voucherizing Medicare and reforming the tax system, Ryan’s plan would eliminate the long-term deficit, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Former Reagan official Bruce Bartlett argues that endorsing Ryan’s road map is the “minimum requirement” for anyone serious about cutting spending. But for the middle-class, middle-aged folks leading the Tea Party brigades, some of those cuts could bite pretty hard.

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LA Times: Tea Parties Going Local In GOP

The LA Times has a great article on Tea Parties across the US who are working to take control of their local GOP precincts.  Well worth reading the whole thing.

Quick quote:

Conservative activists who once protested the political establishment are now flooding the lowest level of the Republican Party apparatus hoping to take over the party they once scorned — one precinct at a time.

Across the country, tea party groups that had focused on planning rallies are educating members on how to run for GOP precinct representative positions. The representatives help elect county party leaders, who write the platform and, in some places, determine endorsements.

“That’s where it all starts. That’s where the process of picking candidates begins. It’s not from [GOP leader] Michael Steele’s office down. It’s from the ground up,” said Philip Glass, whose National Precinct Alliance is among the groups advocating the strategy. “The party is over for the old guard.”

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CNN Poll: Three-fourths Think Officials Dishonest

Quick quote:

Three quarters of people questioned in the survey think that modern-day federal officials are not honest, a figure that is essentially unchanged since 1994. But the poll suggests that Americans think the problem of dishonesty is not a new one.

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CNN Poll: 86% Think Government Is Broken

Quick quote:

The number of Americans who think the government is broken has grown eight points since 2006. “That increase is highest among higher-income Americans and people who live in rural areas,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. “Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but those are the groups that make up the bulk of the Tea Party activists today.”

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San Diego Tea Party

Sign On San Diego reports a Tea Party there drew 1,000 people:

A rally inspired by the national Tea Party political protest movement drew — by organizers’ estimates — about 1,000 people to El Cajon’s Renette Park on Saturday.

Many carried homemade signs with messages such as “Stop Big Government” and “I didn’t vote for this Obamanation” as they listened to several elected officials and political candidates, mostly Republican, express frustration over issues ranging from taxes to health care reforms being considered in Washington, D.C.

The event was organized by a recently formed group called the East County Tea Party, said a founder, Alpine resident Barry Willis.

H/t Instapundit, who has done an excellent job covering tea parties over the last year.

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Ongoing CPAC Coverage

C-SPAN Day 1

C-SPAN Day 2

PJTV Coverage

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Fox Reports Tea Party Candidates Challenging Ron Paul

Judson Berger of FoxNews reports:

Though Ron Paul may be the model of the grassroots-backed conservative candidate that Tea Party groups are looking for, the candidates challenging him in the Republican primary this year say the good doctor brought it on himself — by spending too much time running for president and not enough time tending to his district, and being so prickly with congressional colleagues as to render himself obsolete.

“He’s not being involved in his district,” said Gerald Wall, one of three Tea Party-connected candidates running against Paul in the primary.

“He’s unwilling to work with others, and people are unwilling to work with him, and so we have no voice in Congress,” said candidate Tim Graney, calling Paul one of the most “ineffective” members on Capitol Hill.

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C-SPAN Covers CPAC, Feb. 19

The listed schedule for coverage includes:

10:00 Gov. Tim Pawlenty (MN) – Marriott Ballroom Introduction: TBD

10:00 Jihad: The Political Third Rail – … Sponsored by the Freedom Defense Initiative (2 hours) … A panel discussion on the threat posed by “Islamic supremacism,” Shariah and political correctness.

10:30 Rep. Steve King (IA) – Marriott Ballroom Introduction: Kayne Robinson, National Rifle Association

10:45 Hon. Michael Williams (TX) – Marriott Ballroom Introduction: Marita Noon, Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy

11:00 Rep. Mike Pence (IN) – Marriott Ballroom Introduction: Hon. David McIntosh

11:15 Saving Freedom From ObamaCare: It Isn’t Over Yet

CPAC’s agenda for the day.

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