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Hot Air Roundup

Hot Air has been busy covering what the media and others are saying about the Tea Parties.  Here’s a quick roundup:

Valerie Jarrett: Maybe we should try talking to tea partiers in simpler terms

MSNBC tries to link tea parties to Joseph Stack

Tea Partiers circulating “declaration of independence” from GOP

GOP, conservative leaders, tea partiers all planning separate right-wing manifestos

Schwarzenegger claims tea parties will fade when economy improves


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Battles Over Joseph Stack’s Ideology

Ravi Somaiya, presenting no evidence whatsoever, claims Stack is becoming a right-wing hero.  His commenters pile the hate up.

Might this be in response to Reason’s Tim Cavenaugh, presenting just a bit more evidence, claiming that Stack is becoming a left-wing hero?

And just because it’s topical, Jihad Watch discusses whether Stack should be considered a terrorist or not.

H/t Instapundit for the Cavenaugh link.

Previous Stack coverage, and more here.

Update, Feb. 25: The First Tea Party Terrorist?

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