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Lloyd Marcus on Blacks and Youths at CPAC

Lloyd Marcus, the musical star of the Tea Party movement, writes on his experience at CPAC.  Quick quotes:

I performed my “American Tea Party Anthem” and “Twenty Ten: We’re Gonna Vote Them Out” at CPAC as a representative for I was struck and excited by the high number of youths in attendance (over 50% were under 25 years old). With liberal iron-fisted dictatorship regimes ruling most of America’s campuses, how did these kids survive the attempts to indoctrinate them?

It was also exciting to see many fellow black conservatives at CPAC. Interestingly, every black with whom I spoke had an entrepreneurial gleam in his eyes which broadcast, “I’m grateful to be born in America, and I am going for it!” I detected no hint of entitlement or victim mindsets in these blacks. They were truly refreshing.


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Ongoing CPAC Coverage

C-SPAN Day 1

C-SPAN Day 2

PJTV Coverage

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C-SPAN Covers CPAC, Feb. 19

The listed schedule for coverage includes:

10:00 Gov. Tim Pawlenty (MN) – Marriott Ballroom Introduction: TBD

10:00 Jihad: The Political Third Rail – … Sponsored by the Freedom Defense Initiative (2 hours) … A panel discussion on the threat posed by “Islamic supremacism,” Shariah and political correctness.

10:30 Rep. Steve King (IA) – Marriott Ballroom Introduction: Kayne Robinson, National Rifle Association

10:45 Hon. Michael Williams (TX) – Marriott Ballroom Introduction: Marita Noon, Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy

11:00 Rep. Mike Pence (IN) – Marriott Ballroom Introduction: Hon. David McIntosh

11:15 Saving Freedom From ObamaCare: It Isn’t Over Yet

CPAC’s agenda for the day.

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WI: Tea Partiers Change CPAC

The Washington Independent’s David Weigel covers CPAC, noting how the Tea Party movement has changed the conference from last year.

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