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Zogby Analyzes Tea Partiers

John Zogby, President and CEO of Zogby International, does an interesting analysis of Tea Partier demographics.  The whole thing is worthwhile, but I thought this was an interesting paragraph:

Though, on average, somewhat more male with a somewhat less formal education than their detractors, Tea Partiers are most distinguished by their attitudes, not their demographics. The anger driving opposition to Washington is primarily directed at the ideas of the intellectual elite, of which health care reform is just one expression. For example, they are much less likely than their opponents (5% vs. 40%) to take the globalist view of their residence as planet Earth – a view, one would guess, shared by a substantive proportion of the cosmopolitan elite. Likewise, popularity of Sarah Palin with the movement is probably more due to mutual animosity between her and assorted intellectuals than to her principled policy positions.


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